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Knowing where your next meal is coming from puts your primitive brain at ease and allows our young adults to develop further. We provide many meals to those we work and if we host an event, it helps us cater food as well.


Our staff is essential for us to keep up and running, providing our services to those in need. We pay them a reasonable wage and wish we could do more given they are doing a great service helping those in need in our community.


One of the 3 core essentials, we’re in the process of providing housing for those whom are in our programs and trying to better their lives. Stability in housing and knowing where you’re going to sleep at night has many comforting psychological effects that it is essential to for growth

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We’re always looking for more volunteers do help us during events and other gatherings when we have a lot of people to take care of. We are extremely grateful to those who donate their time and get involved with our community. Submit your information to the right and we’ll contact you about how you can get involved.

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If you’ve been in a situation and need support, reach out via our contact information.
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